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Camp site
Camp site Wc house camp site

A good camp site is at Landmannahellir close to the river Helliskvísl, with the facility of 2 lavatories and a shower very close to the site.

The price 2024 for one night accommodation:

2.000 Isk. per person (the same price for house vans and camping wagons).
Overnights tax: Isk 333,- per tent, house vans and camping wagons.

Parking of a car on the campsite 2.000 Isk.
( It is also possible to park the car outside the camp site. )

No charge for children up to 12 years.

Shower: Isk. 700 per person each time.

Charging the batteries: Isk. 500.-

If the facility ( Wc ) is used without the accommondation it costs
500 Isk. per. person.
If Wc is used without the accommondation it costs
300 isk.per person.


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