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Fell and Höfði
og Fit 

Horse fence
Camp site

Important notice:
The vulnerable nature is preserved in this area (Fjallabak nature reserve) and it is forbidden to grass the horses.



Horse fence
The smaller fence The horsefences The smaller fence

Three big horse fences and a stable for 40 horses. 

Prices 2024:
Use of fence or stable 350 Isk each horse. Hay will be available at a fair price. For further information please contact the guard.

It is necessary to order the horse fences in advance. 

Requests and ordering:

From 21. September to 31. Mai; contact Engilbert, telephone +354 893 8407 or send him an e-mail.
From 01. June to 21. September; contact the guardians at Landmannahellir, telephone +354 8938407 or send them e-mail .

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